Romeo & Juliet

By The Underlings Theatre Co. (other events)

8 Dates Through Mar 03, 2018

Two households both alike in dignity
In an '80s high school where we lay our scene
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

This iconic tragedy gets a contemporary shake up in The Underlings Theatre Co.'s production of Romeo & Juliet. Drawing inspiration from cult classics as Heathers and The Virgin Suicides, director Lelaina Vogel explores the passion and youth of these well-known characters as they experience the most fraught of contemporary times: high school. With voice and text coaching by Daniel Thomas Blackwell, this production will blend old and new by recreating the dialect of Elizabethan England with the sensibilities of the twenty-first century in the style of the nineteen-eighties.

The venue is accessible. Please contact daniel [at] underlingstheatre [dot] com with questions or requests.

Tickets for all performances are available for $20 in advance or at the door. Our preview performance tickets are Pay-What-You-Want Pricing, with a minimum price of $1. 

If you are an EBT card holder, tickets are available to you for $10. You must bring your EBT card to the box office to pick them up. 

Cast, in order of appearance:
Margot Buckley as Mercutio
Duncan Kennedy as Sampson, Peter, Friar John
Tony Dangerfield as Gregory, Friar Laurence
Sophia Castuera as Benvolio
Dominic Carter as Tybalt, Paris
Cristhian Mancinas-García as Lord Capulet
Olivia Gould as Lady Capulet
Christine Williamson as Montague, Apothecary
Kody Grassett as Prince, Nurse
Johnny Le as Romeo
Chelsea Evered as Juliet

Production Team:
Stage Manager...Laura Danek
Assistant Stage Manager...Maurine Heberden
Scenic Designer...Christine Williamson
Lighting Designer...Evyn Newton
Costume Designer...Rachael Linker
Sound Designer...Joshua Garcia
Fight Choreographer...Matt Dray
Marketing and Publicity Coordinator...Sarah Batista-Pereira

Banner photo credit to Julian Goetz. 

Mailing Address

The Underlings Theatre Co. PO Box 380553 Cambridge, MA 02238